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Review from Jerry Hollis (GK customer)

April 16, 2015


I have been a GK customer for almost 15 years, which is as long as I've lived in the U.K and Europe.

I first met Gary when I was starting out as an illegal alien (waiting for my Greek Passport) working under cover as a Karaoke Presenter for a friend. As I recall, one of the CDG players had gone down and I had a gig that night and was told to go to this GK guy in an industrial estate. Gary didn't know me from a hole in the wall and only knew I was sent to him by this mutual friend. Gary couldn't fix the CDG player on the spot, but instead of telling me there was nothing he could do, he gave me a display model he had as a loaner to get me through the gigs I had coming up. This was greatly appreciated as I was pretty much penniless and I desperately needed these Karaoke gigs.. From that point on Gary and GK Electronics would enjoy almost weekly or bi-weekly visits from me and daily phone calls ordering this and that, or asking the same tech question time and time again.

I cannot put a tally on just how much gear, gadgets, parts, repairs, and favours I have had from GK, but it would be a lot, an awful lot. Everything from Lights, Lasers, CD recording devices, Mini disc recording devices, Digital Sound boards, powered Sound boards, Racks, cases, speakers of all makes and sizes up to my NEXO P.A, which Gary doesn't sell, but got for me and has over the 13 years or so that I have had them fixed it more times than I care to mention.

Everything I have bought from GK could have been bought a bit cheaper online or bought elsewhere as many things I have ordered were things GK did not carry, but could get. I always buy from GK, unless it is not possible, and the reason is simply SERVICE... No one does Customer Service like Gary at GK.

Just like the things I have purchased from GK,  I cannot put a number on the times I have been bailed out at gigs where I was in what my wife would call, FDM (FRANTIC DIVA MODE) because something has gone down at a gig. Many was the time Gary would come to the venue with his ever present volt meter and soldering iron and fix the problem then and there. (WHO DOES THAT?)  And countless is the times where he has talked me through an issue over the phone.

The most memorable incident being a Gig in Nottingham where I arrived late to a crowded, drunk and rowdy Working Men's Club. Despite the rude comments and the countless tired wristwatch jokes, I set up quickly and was sweating like a pig. As I did my line test NOTHING came out of my speakers... I was in HYPER DFM... I could not find the problem. With minutes to spare I phoned Gary from the venues kitchen and Gary ended up talking me through re-wiring the speaker cables (I bought from a sound company I was working with) to accomodate the NEXO speakers --just minutes before the show. Gary was the picture of patience and calm and he is always. Again, you can buy things off the internet for a sometimes good savings, but where would you get the after-service you get when you buy from GK? That's what real professionals look for when they buy gear.

Now that I live in Greece I don't get to visit GK every week to see what new products are on offer or what piece of cutting edge gear --or car-- Ronnie has bought that he is now selling because something new and shinier has come on the market.. However, I still buy gear from GK from Greece because I know that whatever I buy will have been researched and be the best solution for my needs as a performer.

In the interest of full disclosure, over the years Gary has become one of my best friends and become so because of his integrity and honesty. Gary treats all of his customers as friends and values their business. There is no better place anywhere to buy Entertainment equipment. Period.

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