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Keep business local with GK...

May 6, 2015



Currently GK Electronics does not operate a webshop.


The reason? We concentrate on giving good, local and personal on-the-spot service.


It’s all very well buying from a distant retailer – virtually all of them are well-established reputable companies, just like us. They will also give good, local and personal on-the spot service.


However, have you ever considered what happens when you have problems? This can range in severity. Perhaps you’ve bought a new item and you can’t seem to get it to work? Or perhaps you got it and plugged it in and it went bang (as happened to me last week!) Or worst of all, you’re at a gig, or you have one tomorrow night, and your equipment doesn’t work?


These are scenarios that happen – I know, both from personal experience, and from stories relayed to me. In these circumstances, a dealer 300 miles away cannot do very much to help you, no matter how good or helpful they are. That goes for me too – and this is the reason why I am not keen to sell to people who are far away from me. I will do it, but I will point out the above possibilities, and would always suggest “wouldn’t you be better buying it locally?”


So, if you’re in the market for anything, large or small, why not let your local retailer (in other words us!)  quote for the item[s]? I can almost always match the price that you see on the internet, but by buying from us you support a local company and jobs, plus we are here on the spot to help you out in those (hopefully rare!) times of trouble.


If we order goods in for you and they arrive faulty, then we take care of sending them back and getting a replacement.


If you can’t get them working, we’ll show you how!


Finally if you have a breakdown, either in or out of guarantee, then we can usually help with backup equipment hire (free if in warranty).


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