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GK Electronics continues to expand...

September 26, 2015

Recently we have renewed our relationship with FBT, and are pleased to have our initial stock on display. We have the X-Lite 12a, the J12a and Subline bass in both 12” and 15” Versions. All other models and ranges available to order.



We are also one of the first dealers in the country to stock new offerings from Studiomaster, namely the ‘Drive’ series of speakers, available both active and passive.





Shortly we will have more HK Audio speakers on demo as well, we’ve just sold a batch of Premium Pro.


That’s not all: come in and see the WAVES series of speakers from Proel – active versions have a built-in MP3/SD/Bluetooth player.


If you’re in the market for budget ranges then we have QTX active speakers in both 12” and 15” versions.


This is all backed up by a stock of spares, consumables, and other ancilliary bits.


We have just sold a complete theatre audio system to a local operatic company. This included an Allen and Heath iLive –T112 Surface and an iDR48, HK Audio Premium Pro speakers, 20 Sennheiser radio mics with all the antenna distribution as well. Look out for a separate press release later!


So if you’re in the market for new equipment – then PLEASE let a local company (us!) quote – don’t just automatically buy on the internet. We got the above order because we were overall CHEAPER than any company on the internet, and that includes a notorious German one! We can’t always match every single price, but boy will we try to!



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