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Gary Kenton of GK Electronics gives his thoughts on the EAW Redline......

December 3, 2015



 EAW? My only experience of this brand in the past has been the 3 CAM150 mixer amps that I've used for small PA setups for many years. They've been so reliable that I've almost stopped paying attention to them....

So when I was told about the launch of the new REDLINE series at the Proel Dealer Day I was vaguely interested. 'Another speaker range, well they're all the same aren't they?'

I duly attended and spent a little while looking around all the familiar lines that I normally stock. Looking at some microphones, I was aware of a beautifully clear sound all around me. I turned around and there was the Redline series.

I walked forward - walked back - walked to the side. "Where's the live band?' None in sight. " So where's that sound coming from?" It was a CD. Yet I could hear the guitar - the drums - the piano - as if they were there in the room with me. Now I was interested. And so after much talking over a few sandwiches and a cup of tea, I negotiated a personal trial of the system.

And so a week later, there it was in my demonstration room. I had asked a very good friend of mine Jerry Hollis to provide us with live music for the day, in order to show what the system was capable of - and neither he or the system disappointed us. (Read his own review of the Redline Series elsewhere on our website.) Whatever sound - or volume- he threw at the system, it accepted it all without a hint of faltering.

OK, but this was a set-up demo. What about in the real world? And thus I found myself on the following night with the Redline system in the van, off to a sound job. Nothing too major, just two tops perfectly adequate. Set up was easy - these powered speakers are lighter than my usual passive speakers. This job was for a small concert in an hotel, so just a single mic, a CD player for interval music, and a Korg keyboard for the entertainer.

Again the system worked impeccably. In all honesty, it was too powerful for the event so it never got anywhere near what it was capable of. And there's the thing - even at low volumes it retains the clarity, not like some systems that don't perform as well at low volumes. I used the microphone myself, and there was another surprise. Compared to my usual system, there was no effort needed - I did not have to force it, I just spoke at normal levels and the voice was there.

A member of the venue staff remarked 'what have you done to the sound tonight? Usually it's a bit muffled down the end, but tonight we can hear it all clearly wherever we are'. That was gratifying enough, but more was to come. At the end of the night, probably the oldest lady in the room came over to me with her finger in the air. "It was loud...." She said. "Uh-oh" I thought. "Here comes an ear-bashing" . She continued "........ but it was lovely! I've had a real good night - thank you!"

What bigger compliment can I pay to the EAW Redline Series? Well if I had my way, Father Christmas would be bringing me one for Christmas - but he's not an EAW dealer (yet!). So I suppose I have to buy my own, and here's the thing - it's not as expensive as the performance makes you think it is. So look out for Redline from GK Electronics - coming to a sound event near you!


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