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About GK Electronics

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Gary on P&O Cruise Ship 'Arcadia' with Lorraine Brown (professional singer), Carlo Paul Santana (formerly with 'Paper Lace') and Allison Olds (Gary's singing partner)
Roy Kenton Orchestra at Blue lagoon Ballroom Newquay in 1950's


Gary Kenton - Proprietor of GK Electronics for over 30 years.

Gary has had many years’ experience in the music and entertainment business and has all the required knowledge to provide a professional and friendly service tailored to your specific needs.


Gary was brought up in a musical environment, his father was a bandleader and his mother was the singer. Not surprisingly Gary took an interest in music and learned basic piano theory, and at school learned to play violin, recorder, flute, chruch organ and guitar. Drumming was naturally taught to him by his father.


In the 1970’s his parents owned and ran the ‘Moonrakers’ Licenced restaurant in Redruth. This gave Gary experience of running a business; he was involved with all aspects of the operation including handling the money, suppliers, staff and customers.

At this time, Gary began working with his father Roy as the organist in the organ and drums duo 'Roy Kenton Sound' with mother occasionally guesting on vocals.

On leaving school at 18 Gary started his first solo venture, opening up a shop in Station Hill, Redruth, selling sound and lighting equipment, and also home organs. This lasted for 18 months, eventually closing down before the big sewage upgrade scheme closed Redruth to traffic for some months.


During this time Gary had still been running a very low-key business selling sound and lighting equipment from home. Now the decision was taken to expand this and so premises were found at Dudnance Lane, Pool. This business ran for a few years, but unfortunately the decision to take a partner into the business later on did not work and eventually the business was forced to close down.

Gary then took a job with RJ Fletcher as a technician, and worked there for 18 months, bringing many of his own customers to the business. However in 1993 he took the decision to leave and set up a new business of his own ‘GK Electronics’.


GK Electronics was founded by Gary Kenton on 21st February 1993. It traded from rented premises at Unit 2, Agar Way. Stock was minimal and customers few at first, but Gary persevered and gradually built up both.


In 2014 GK Electronics moved into the substainally bigger Unit 7A, and continues to thrive within the industry. Over the last few years, GK Electronics has become a trusted and reliable company, being able to include many top businesses as clients. Why not make yours one of them?

In the background, Gary had continued working with his father in the duo. When his father retired in1995 Gary carred on solo for a while, then teamed up with a very talented female singer and they worked together for 10 years, doing functions, hotels, events and cruise ships. When the duo came to an end Gary continued again as a solo artist for many years. But nobody could forsee what was coming............


2020 - the COVD pandemic

In March 2020 COVID shut down all entertainment venues so Gary's entertainment career came to an sudden enforced stop, and so did GK Electronics, as all of its clients were also shut down.

Fortunately in his early 20's Gary had obtained his Class 1 HGV licence and did drive HGVs for a while before leaving that to pursue his dual career as entertainer and AV technician, but he never lost his interest in HGV's and renewed his licence every 5 years.

So as HGV drivers were urgently needed he was able to take work

in that sector, firstly for a supermarket and secondly for a

parcel company, driving full-size trunkers from city to city.

So now in 2022 onwards Gary divides his time between running

GK Electronics with the help of a loyal team of other engineers,

and continues to drive HGV's as required.

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