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Lighting Package

A simple and easy to use lighting package for your event!

2 x ADJ BoomBox FX2  -  a 4-in-1 lighting effect

Cover the room in light from the classic Derby effect, paint the walls with GOBO effects, wash the dance floor in colors and mesmerize the crowd with the Galaxian style red and green laser!

1 x Haze machine to provide a light haze and fully enhance the lighting effect

(note: check with venue as some may have a smoke alarm - this system uses Haze which is very light and different to a smoke machine)

2 x Tripod Stands

1 x XLR link lead

Runs the lights in 'Master / Slave ' mode so that they produce a synchronised effect

One night hire price £60

Click here to see the BoomBox FX2 in action!

Lighting package with sound system

Lighting package in operation, this hire setup also included mirrorball, pinspots and sound system

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