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Funeral AV Services

When faced with the final journey of a loved one it will be reassuring to know that every family member, friend, work colleague or accquaintance can participate in the service and pay their respects.

Nowadays this can be very easily accomplished by the use of modern Audio Visual technology.

We provide a range of technical facilities to enhance any service:

It is often desirable to display a slideshow of pictures, possibly combined with a Powerpoint presentation. This is usually accomodated by our large screen TV's, or occasionally we are able to set up a projector and screen.

If the venue is not large enough to accomodate everyone then we can provide a sound link to relay the service outside or to an adjacent building. This can be combined with a video link as well, using TV's or large screen projector.

We can provide a video recording of the service for you to keep.

If people are not able to travel to the venue then we can provide live streaming so that the service can be viewed anywhere in the world on a mobile device or on a computer.

You can be assured that our service is discrete and will not interfere with the event.

Every situation is different so please get in contact with us for a discussion of your requirements and a personal quote. We will quietly and efficiently take care of all the technical details leaving you free to organise the other aspects of the service.

(please note that Live Streaming is dependant on a good quality internet service being available at the venue, which cannot always be guaranteed. We always record the stream anyway so if it does fail there will still be a video recording which can be distributed at a later date)

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