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January 2016

1. Equipment hired will be entirely the responsibility of the hirer, who will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment, howsoever caused, whilst in their care.


For hires collected from and returned to our premises your responibility begins from the moment the equipment leaves our premises and ceases at the time it is returned to our premises.

In the case of equipment delivered to and collected from a third-party premises by us, your responsibility begins from the time the equipment arrives on site and ceases when it leaves that site. In these circumstances, you should enquire with the owner of the premises to ascertain if they have adequate cover and security and if they will accept several or joint responsibility for the equipment whilst on their premises.

We therefore strongly advise you to insure the equipment against loss or damage.


2. Equipment will be supplied in normal working order, and this will be demonstrated at the time of collection. Systems will be checked for correct operation upon their return, any fault discovered will entitle us to retain the deposit in part or full payment of the cost of rectification. In particular please note that sound systems can be easily damaged by overdriving, all our systems are perfectly matched and safe when used within normal parameters.


3. Our liability for any defect in or failure of the equipment hired is limited to the rectification of any defect or failure of the equipment hired or refund of the hire charge. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer consequential to any defect in or failure of the equipment hired. However, if we are informed of the failure before the commencement of use, we shall attempt to offer assistance if resources are available.


4. INDEMNITY: The hirer shall at all times effectively indemnify GK ELECTRONICS, its proprietors, servants or agents against all actions, costs, charges, claims, demands or proceedings made or commenced against them by any third party in respect of or in connection with equipment, materials, crew or any other services supplied to the hirer by GK ELECTRONICS.


5. The person signing the Hire Agreement warrants that he or she has the authority of the hirer to make the contract to hire on the hirer’s behalf. The person so signing hereby indemnifies the owner against all losses and costs that my be incurred by the owner if this is not so.


6. Return dates will be agreed with the said hirer, and written into the hire agreement. Late returns will be charged at a daily rate. The deposit will only be refunded if the equipment is returned complete (including all leads), undamaged, in clean working order and within the times agreed.


7. Faults must be reported immediately, either by direct contact with one of our staff, or by message on our answer machine. Blown lamps, broken styli etc must be returned to us. A minimum charge of £10 will be levied for cleaning, re-coiling leads, repairing breakages etc.




In addition to the hire charge, we require a deposit equivalent to the hire fee, this is refunded if the equipment is returned on time, in good condition with nothing missing or broken (excepting fair wear and tear).

We are open for collections and returns Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm.

Hire charges are per day, however if you collect on a Saturday we allow you to return on the Monday (except where the equipment is required for a Sunday hire in which case we arrange a mutually convenient changeover time).

To confirm your booking, we require a booking fee of half the hire fee (thus: disco system £60 hire - booking fee is £30), this is subtracted from the deposit when you arrive to collect, however if you do not turn up for the hire or cancel with less than 24hrs notice, then this booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


9. Acceptance of goods acknowledges acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of hire.


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